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BMW 3 Series 2 Dr is an outstanding model when it comes to sharing the comfort with your wife it is known for its beauty and variety of colors, this car is smart and has the best features from the outside body to its inner design, this cars are known for their strong body and light weight compared to other car models that are heavy and sometime hard to handle. BMW 3 series 2dr has the most powerful chips that are easy to install and being one of your favorable upgrades in you’re car you can even start advising your friends who are into bimmers like you to go for this chips, they improve the performance of your BMW in that it ignites your engine to super perform and be like the standard bimmer expected from motorists. The BMW is known to be a classic car but once the chips are installed it becomes super classic especially when they is an adjustable power outputs and an improved throttle response these 3 series 2dr ECU are really going to be talk of your car when you install them, once the chip are in your problems are solved.