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An endeavor performance chip makes one’s Mitsubishi car to outsmart other cars in terms of performance and fun. These performance chips boost the gas mileage as well as improved torque and horsepower. Some of the things included in the kit are a set of easily read and understood instructions which assists during the installation processes, and SLR ECU chips that are of the kind used in Motorsports. Endeavor performance chips have smooth IDLE, and smooth to shift. The engine that is fitted with an endeavor chip lasts long, saves gas and MPG and is free from stress. Its throttle respond is best (up to about 40% quicker), its mid-range power is improved, its towing power is enhanced, and a much improved 1/4 and 1/8 mile timing. The variations in the oil level of a car fixed with these chips are also lower. These are contributed to by the fine nature of the tuning system.