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Manufactured in Lansing, Michigan, the glory of the Oldsmobile Alero is sealed. Sold both as a coupe with 4 doors and a sedan of 2 doors the Oldsmobile Alero is a classic that needs to be treated with respect. You can only achieve the respect and also get it back by having the new Oldsmobile Alero performance chip. Having the Alero ECU chip will guarantee you an MPG to die for with all the adjustments done promptly to keep up to the now improved performance. The Oldsmobile Alero performance chip gains an increase in horsepower too. Of the compact class the Alero with the new ECU chip forms the basis of the beautiful curve progression well calculated by the performance module set up in the Oldsmobile Alero’s engine. The Oldsmobile Alero performance module breeds a prototype of a fuel savvy, speedier and cool car among the other competitors.