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If you are the type that routinely carries a lot of stuff in your hatchback, you will still want the best performance out of your car. This may be achieved with the simple installation of a new A3 performance chip, in which you won’t have to give up any power based on the weight you are hauling in your hatchback. All of Audis A3 chips will allow your engine to unleash all of its power. You should also check out these performance chips if you happen to like getting more miles per gallon of gas. It gives excellent performance while economizing on the fuel used. Each chip is sold at the lowest available price and will also give your car a little more character. The chip even comes with knobs that help you to tune the engine on the fly. This will crank its performance all the way up to get maximum horsepower and torque. Since the ECU chips are made just for your car, its installation will be a piece of cake. It will be as easy as inserting an ECU chip into your ECU computer. Apart from the fuel economy, the engine surge performance makes the car more fun to use as well as cater for all your stuff in the hatchback.