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The Mercedes Benz is one of the most popular German vehicle brands. Whether it is a car or a truck, the owner of a Mercedes Benz feels on top of the class. The Mercedes Benz R Class was the first multipurpose vehicle produced by Daimler AG and has been in the market as a sports cruiser and a family tour vehicle. If you own a Mercedes Benz R Class, you can now move to the top of the class with our Mercedes Benz R Class performance chips. Our performance chips will make your Mercedes add more torque and horsepower to your engine which will result in superior fuel economy for your vehicle. Our Mercedes R Class performance chips will also help in boosting your car’s stability mechanism which means that you will hardly have an accident as you drive at super speeds. With our Mercedes Benz R Class performance chips, your engine will improve the air-fuel ratio (AFR). This will result in better efficiency as your engine will not take up more air than is required. The air intake upgrade will save you a lot of fuel and you will drive for longer with less fuel. Your engine will also run smoother and cooler. Our computer chip will also work well with your car’s ECU chip to ensure that your car does not heat up. Our performance chip will also make your engine improve on ignition and spark timings. It will also improve your car’s towing capability. If you really want to remain on top of the R Class, then our performance chips will take you there.