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This car has all it takes to be at the top. Manufactured by Fuji Heavy Industries Group, Subaru has performed extremely well with their boxer engines under the influence of turbocharged technologies. One of these propellants is the Subaru performance chip which has taken it’s rightly place and have not lagged behind. I doubt if you can trample your precious rose on the ground when you cherish the performance derived from your Subaru. The Subaru chip does work with your car setup automatically to enhance the engine strength without destroying the software of the computer system. It embraces other setups of wild turbo and aftermarket gadgets in a very smooth way improving the horsepower and torque. The mileage and fuel economy is greatly taken care of with this Subaru chips under the hood. The installation of the chip is simple as listening to music. Peruse through instruction guide provided on every purchase and finish the work in less than 20 minutes.