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For only a few hundred dollars you can acquire your own Oldsmobile Firenza power chip. This ECU chip will add the horsepower currently running the Firenza and modulate the gearshifts and camshafts making it possible for your Oldsmobile Firenza to get there exactly on time. The beauty about the craving for power is that it is insatiable, with the Oldsmobile Firenza performance chip you need not ask for more power, it already has. The Firenza ECU chip will commission a classy air conditioning and direct a fluid cruise control. With the Oldsmobile Firenza ECU computer safely placed on the engine your car will modulate all the power sunroof, moon roof and have a very quality CD/DVD player on the dashboard. Don’t be held accountable for not having both fun and power when you had it at your disposal in the form of the durable Oldsmobile Firenza performance chip.