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If you are a lover of the highway and love to feel the thrill of speed, adding a catera chip should be high on your list of upgrades. These performance chips will help your car to go faster than ever by improving your horsepower and torque outputs. The catera racing chip is at an unbelievably low price from Cadillac. Apart from saving on money when purchasing it, you will also save money on the fuel usage. It is guaranteed to make your car’s mileage improve its performance. The installation of this ECU catera chip is relatively easy. All you have to do is to get the chip, pliers and the installation manual and you will be through in minutes. The throttle you experience afterwards will be great enabling your Cadillac Catera to jig and roam wonderfully on tough highways. The time saved on the road will be your role model as you witness to others what your car is doing for you.