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The thunderous Audi S3 was introduced for small family in the year 1999 with a four wheel propelled drive. With so much effort and energy put in the designing and modeling of the Audi S3 family car, Audi chips have been the focal point. The typical upgrade of the Audi s3 to 188kw of about 252hp has been made available making the car a real magic for the family travel with its tuning being the best so far. The chips has registered an increase in the basic low-end torque and offered a totally improved response in throttle with a real top-end which has turned out to be powerful second to none. The Audi software is able to provide much higher optimal numbers of 320 hp and 317Ib-ft basically of torque. The car is able to gain a plus of 61 hp at the very lower rpms. Indeed the software in the Audi magic is the total upgrade giving the car an added advantage over other models. For that clean family travel in the countryside, just look out for Audi S3 and reap the benefits and never make complains as you find easy going in the rainy weather in the tropical regions around the world.