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Kenworth T800 is one of the most innovative car models manufactured by Kenworth truck manufacturer. This truck model has been designed in a way that makes it suitable for people who need high productivity and comfort with ease of control. This fuel saver truck has an engine that ensures high performance and better torque due to the advanced technology used in its manufacture. Kenworth T800 comes with features that ensure better maneuverability making it capable for delivering the best velocity in any terrain. It is one of the few truck models that you can drive in with confidence knowing that kit will always deliver the best performance when maintained well. Nevertheless, if you own such a car the last thing you would like to compromise is its performance. We are here to ensure that you get quality performance from your Kenworth T800 all the time. We have the best collection of Kenworth T800 performance chips in our store. If you have noticed reduced response from your truck, then it probably need performance upgrade. The Kenworth T800 performance chips you get from our store are from the best manufacturers. Whether you are looking for an ECU chip, or a computer chip that will see your truck give you high speed or better torque, you can count on us to give the perfect product for your truck. We know that you want to get more than just a performance chip. This is why we have established excellent customer service to ensure that you get the best experience when buying your performance chip. We also know that some truck owners may have challenges choosing the right performance chips for their vehicles. That is why we offer installation guidelines to ensure that you do not experience difficulties once you purchase our products. We sell our Kenworth T800 performance chips at reasonable price to ensure that you get the best deal on your purchase.