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The Infiniti QX4 is a sports utility vehicle that was introduced by the Nissan Company in 1997 as part of the Infiniti Marque. It is an SUV and in 2001, a major upgrade was introduced to the vehicle which increased its power from a weak one of about 168 horsepower or 125 kW. However, there is no upgrade that could be better than that of installing Infiniti QX-4 performance chips. These chips help to significantly increase the power as well as torque of your vehicle while at the same time helping to accelerate it if you need to go faster. For drivers who never feel the need for speed, this ECU chips also help to reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption. The chips are also extremely simple to install as they do not require one to remap the ECU computer and all that is required is about twenty minutes of your time plus a pair of pliers.