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The aftermarket Toyota Corolla performance chip is the only upgrade you car believe in when it comes to enhancing your car’s performance. It’s designed with the latest techno logy which plays a great role in helping you tweak the performance you’ve missed for some time. The Corolla ECU chip has adjustable settings corresponding with the integrated dial in the computer system. By dialing the “max” icon you end receiving more engine energy which provides horsepower and torque more than half the initial output. Stepping on the pedal unlocks the passion and fun you cannot let go since the car roams steadily on the plains. Your Corolla gas mileage is substantially reduced saving so much on your budget. When these Corolla ECU chips are used together with high performing parts, the resulting horsepower hits the 50 mark. Therefore, be the first to buy the chip and get your Corolla supercharged.