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Invigoration is everything to a car and the Mazda Protégé Wagon is one such invigorated car. The power chips installed on the Wagon’s engine will undoubtedly pull up the horsepower by an extension of 50 HP with little time after installation. And who said that putting a Mazda Protégé Wagon performance chip is difficult, with only a pair of tweezers you will make the job done. With the ECU chip it will no longer be a hard task climbing up the hill to the weekend picnic site with all your family members. The presence of the performing Mazda Protégé Wagon ECU computer will be able to furnish you with navigational capabilities and the outline of the road will literally be at the palm of your hand. With the performance module which goes at a throw away prize this sport wagon will now make the engine system as smooth as it will be well lubricated.