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The first thing that you will notice when you get to see the Ford Focus hb is the aerodynamic design of the vehicle. It does borrow a lot from the Ford Fiesta in terms of the overall design. The Focus is not only longer but it’s wider and much lower than the sporty Fiesta. The basic design of thee Focus tends to adopt a tear drop shape. The windscreen extends to the front while its roof gradually lowers from the back. This greatly reduces wind resistance. The Ford Focus comes with a 2.0 liter engine and a six speed transmission. The transmission is available as either manual or automatic. The engine has a maximum output of 160 horse power which means the Focus can definitely burn rubber. Despite the power of the engine, what many drivers recall with the Focus is it remarkably smooth quite engine. For a car that is designed to stretch the limits of it abilities such as the Ford Focus, an Engine Control Unit and performance chips would not be out of place. Through the use of sensors and control valves the ECU is able to control the fuel-air ratio being fed into the engine. How efficiently the ECU does this, depend on how well the ECU’s chip has been tuned. The tuning is done during the installation of the device. For professional tuning of performance chips look no further than Our tem of qualified and experienced professionals will make sure your Ford Focus’ performance exceeds your expectations.