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Dodge Monaco Performance Chip – History, Models and Benefits

If you’re a Dodge Monaco enthusiast, then you know how this model dominated the highways during the 70s and early 80s. Introduced as a full-sized car in 1965, the Dodge Monaco is known for its sleek, classic design and its impressive performance.

Throughout the years, the Dodge Monaco had gone through several facelifts and mechanical updates, which further increased its reputation for performance. These updates also included engine models that provided a powerful ride.

Let’s dive deeper into the history and models of this classic car and learn how the installation of a Dodge Monaco performance chip can improve your driving experience.

History of the Dodge Monaco

The first-generation Dodge Monaco was released in 1965, initially available in two-door and four-door body styles. As one of the largest cars ever made by Chrysler, it was well-received and stayed in production until 1976. 

In 1977, the second-generation Dodge Monaco was introduced, available as a two-door hardtop, four-door sedan, and station wagon. Throughout the second generation, Chrysler worked to refine the car, updating its appearance, engine models, and suspension to improve overall performance.

Third generation Monacos arrived in 1990, and this era had many versions, including sports models with high-performance engines, perfect for the racetrack.

Models and Engine Models

One of the standout features of the Dodge Monaco is its various engine models. Some of the popular engine options over the years include the 383 cubic inch V8, the 440 cubic inch V8, the 360 cubic inch V8, and the 318 cubic inch V8.

Nowadays, enthusiasts still seek out these classic Dodge Monaco models. If you’re lucky enough to own a Dodge Monaco, you might consider taking its performance to the next level.

Dodge Monaco Performance Chip – What is it?

A performance chip is a device that modifies your vehicle's ECU, which controls fuel delivery, air intake, and timing. Installing a performance chip helps your engine operate at its maximum efficiency, giving you more horsepower, torque, and improved fuel economy.

100% Safe for Your Engine

The great news is that installing a performance chip is entirely safe for your engine. The new settings programmed by the chip manufacturer don’t go outside the limits of your vehicle, ensuring your engine won’t be damaged. 

Benefits of a Dodge Monaco Performance Chip

When you install a performance chip, your throttle response time improves dramatically. Your engine's top-end power will increase as well. Additionally, fuel economy improves due to better engine efficiency, helping you save on fuel costs in the long run.


The Dodge Monaco is a true classic car, revered for its performance. Its various engine models are a testament to this car’s excellence. But for those looking to take their ride to the next level, the installation of a Dodge Monaco performance chip is worth considering.