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They say that old is gold; the Oldsmobile 442 is pure gold. With a new Oldsmobile 442 performance chip this model will get the much needed fuel injection in the right time and amount to enable it run thunderously on the roads. Raw power is the name where the Oldsmobile 442 is concerned. Considering the easy to install ECU chip this car fondly named “muscle car” will retain if not rejuvenate its past strength. Be sure to get to general motors for your new 442 chip that will upgrade the four cylinders and invigorate all the four valves making them sparkling, revving and speeding. With the ECU computer the Oldsmobile 442 will undoubtedly spiral the twin camshafts to engage the engine in very efficient performance. The horsepower of the 442 will also increase extending by 50 HP. Be wise and get armed with an Oldsmobile 442 chip and reap the results.