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These unbelievably Nissan Maxima chips were labeled as simply breathtaking. Now that the Nissan Maxima is the first ever four-door sports vehicle with a chassis that resembles that of a sedan, a commanding V6 engine not to mention the unique five speed transmission, you add these power chips to make your ride truly awesome. These bad boys will totally transform a dreary driving routine into a wonderfully crafted reality that seems like an illusion. The Nissan Maxima powers chips are truly the best aftermarket add on you can ever put in your car. They are patented to co-ordinate with your vehicle’s computer to coax your engine into producing more torque and more power for your car. Regardless of the year your car was manufactured, these formidable Nissan Maxima ECU chips promise to give your car’s performance a new lease of life. They will improve your engine’s horsepower to outrageous levels.