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For those who think that other forms of performance chips are awesome, a Précis ECU chip is the best shopping to go for. Have your initial chip replaced by a Precis performance chip and enjoy fantastic differences such as high MPG (3-6 times) and great torque and horsepower levels. Torque and horsepower levels are increased by up to 50 times more. The engine’s lifespan will also be increased by great margins as well as a reduction in engine knocks and tests such as those of SMOG and emissions. The Precis performance chips improve the power for towing and mid range powers. The kits are accompanied by SLR performance chips, illustrations for installation purposes that are easily comprehended and executed and fast connectors for the plug and play connections. The ultimate choice for an aftermarket shopping is a Mitsubishi Precis performance chips. Hurry and get yourself a chip of a lifetime.