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Performance Chips Tuning Installation Instructions & Guides


Performance Chips Installation

Full instructions are provided electronically with your order.


Air Intake Installation:

Full instructions are provided electronically with your order.

1. Make sure your engine is cool before installation

2. Locate your air intake box and prepare for removal. You will typically need a few screw drivers and socket wrenches.

3. Remove your factory air intake box.

4. Remove any piping that needs to be removed. By looking at your air intake kit you will see what piping is included that will replace the factory piping.

5. Install the air intake pipes and use the rubber gaskets to tigthen your filter to intake pipe.You will be attaching the other end to vehicles pipes or throttle body. Some intakes will be tighten onto the throttle body opening while others to the mass air flow sensor.

6. Replace any hoses and make sure the filter is one thight and that the air intake is tightly connected to the car without air leaks. It is normal if the air intake is hanging in the air or is not held by any brackets. Not all air intakes will include mounting brackets.


Electric Supercharger Instructions:

Full instructions are provided electronically with your order.

1. Examine your vehicle air intake system and decide if you want to use the product with:

a. Factory Air Box

b. Remove Factory Air Box and use the provided air filter

c. Preinstalled air intake system, or new air intake system with supercharger as add-on


The supercharger should be mounted as below if you are using an aftermarket air intake system:

Keep in mind, it is possible you may need to shorten your air intake system to fit the electric supercharger on the end.

You always want to install it after the MAF = Mass Air Flow sensor, if you have such setup.


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