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The new Infiniti EX35 performance chip is the new sensation for this all-wheel drive liftback. An insertion of the Infiniti EX35 power chip will not only create an indelible mark in the Pebble beach Concours d’Elegance but also upgrade its 3.5 litre torque. The Infiniti EX35 performance chip will take your classy model under Nissan parentage to a pedestal where the variable exhaust cam timing (eCVCS) and the asymmetric piston skirts will give an above bar paranormal performance. The Infiniti EX35 ECU computer will direct the drive-by-wire throttle system which with its electronic input will deliver a higher acceleration. The Infiniti EX35 performance chip will, moreover, take the horsepower over the 297 hp mark. With a very strong platform the Infiniti EX35 chip is the chip to get for your car as soon as possible before they run out of stock due to high demand, don’t be left out of an astute innovation.