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VW Tiguan performance chip is now available in the market for the compact CUV that is manufactured and built by the German automakers as an Auto 5000 and based on the A5 platform of the MK5 Golf. The production of the Tiguan started in 2007 and as years passed it was released to the market. VW Tiguan performance chip is the ideal upgrade you can get for your car, it increases the horsepower in your car and ads in torque enabling your car to consume less fuel hence you won’t need to spend money on gas stations anymore. The Tiguan performance chip is easy to use and install at the same time, all you need is to spare few minutes of your time and a pliers, choose the position you want the chip installed and you will on the move on time. It is affordable and the manufacturers made it in a position that it fits on the Tiguan engine without altering it.