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The two tone sterling accents interior placed on the latest Oldsmobile Intrigue model may have taken the car a notch higher. However with the new Oldsmobile Intrigue performance chip the Intrigue is set to run the show all over the world. The ECU chip is now able to upgrade and invigorate the Homelink standard feature making the Oldsmobile Intrigue one of the best structured networked vehicle. Every owner of the Oldsmobile Intrigue who in his good sense installs the ECU chip will reap all the benefits of increased horsepower, a better and strengthened torque and a commemorative utility package to boost of. The Oldsmobile Intrigue performance chip will without a doubt polish up the engine area with a very savvy and efficient piston pumping creating the best performance ever seen from a car model of the stature of the Oldsmobile Intrigue. Be the first to see success in an Oldsmobile Intrigue chip.