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Buick Century names came about from the Buick division General Motors that has got a line of a full size performing vehicles ranging from 1936 to went on developing around 1954 to 1958 and its history now sums up from 1973 to 2005 where they now got the midsize cars being used allover the world. If you driving the Buick car then you might need a super power that will enable your engine go faster than usual. With an addition of the Century performance chip which can gain you great horsepower, the century chip has a power that will improve your cars throttle response and an accurate horsepower and torque. There is nothing out there that works better for your car than the installation of the century performance chip in your Buick car, go for it for you to enjoy your ride. They are easy to install and their advantage is that, you will always experience a comfy ride along the road.