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Fiat 124 was one of the best cars in the market. It is a family car with four opening doors sedan and five doors opening station wagon. It is manufactured by the Fiat Company which is very competitive in the automotive industry. The transmission speed is four manual all synchromesh. It uses powerful ignition system with great emission of power to supply to the electronic parts. It is fitted with smart grille which makes the appearance of the car to be wonderful. Its wheels are classy and they enhance the stability of the car. The performance chips are great equipment of the Fiat 124 since they improve the engine performance. Having a great performing ignition system in your Fiat 124 is a great achievement. You need to purchase the performance chips which are aftermarket and their prices are cheap. The super charger and super speed are enhanced by the installation of spark plug and velocity chips since they help in delivering of the electric power from the engine to the combustion chamber. They also improve the upgrade of air intake and the fuel saving. The computer and ECU they enhance the speed and tuning performance of the Fiat 124 car. The torque and the velocity are improved when all the performance chips are fitted or installed in the Fiat 124. We sell the best aftermarket performance chips in our online stores. You are welcome and browse to purchase from our store. Our prices are cheap and we offer quick home delivery and some installation guidance.