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Volvo S80 being an executive sedan made by the Swedish Automaker was introduced in 1998 replacing the rear wheel drive Volvo 960 and S90 sedan. This car has the ability of displaying some extra performance race on the road, and it can only be done with the installation of the S80 performance chip. Volvo S80 performance chip is the gift you can get for your car in that it brings out the hidden power your car has been reluctant to show by enabling it to speed like other racer cars. This ECU chip improves on the cars throttle response replacing it with horsepower and torque which makes your car cover miles and miles without having any engine problems. The S80 performance chip has been designed to fit any S80 Suzuki model perfectly hence you can install the chip yourself, spare few of your minutes get a pliers and get to work, in less time you will be on the road.