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You can upgrade your car in just minutes with an A4 performance chip. All of Audis A4 chips will work with your car engine to a lot more horsepower and torque as well as improve your throttle response as well. If you have an automatic transmission, the A4 racing chips will reduce the shift time between gears. This will in turn make your car go faster than before as the power your car makes with an upgraded A4 chip will be dramatic. One is expected to pay more when using other brands but this performance chip is very cheap. Its installation process is as easy as inserting an ECU chip into your ECU computer. Since the ECU chips are made just for your car, the installation will be easy as well. The Audi chip gives your car better fuel economy hence saving on money and resources. Each chip made from Audi is made just for your car and will with no doubt become one of your favorite upgraded gadgets. Managing your car will be easy and enjoyable. The improvement in its performance will be noted as soon as it is installed. Maintaining it will be easy.