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Eos Volkswagen is a four-seater hardtop coupe and covertable car that was introduced in 2006 to be the successor over the already published Volkswagen Cabrio. Eos is the first Volkswagen that was constructed after the Corrado was manufactured in 1995. VW Eos performance chips are now in the market for the Volkswagen motorist who aim for the best out of their cars, these chips improves on your Eos throttle response and brings in horsepower energy and torque that makes you car move at an outstanding speed. The advantage behind the Eos performance chip is that it consumes less fuel and covers miles and miles without any engine breakdown. It is the best upgrade you can get for your Volkswagen, The installation is not mechanical you can do it yourself, you just need few tools and little of your time to fix, it can be under the gas power or somewhere no one can notice in the engine square, it will work.