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Cabriolet golf Volkswagen is the version of the Golf Volkswagen hatchback that was initially based on Volkswagen Golf Mk1. Theses cars were produced by Karmann at Osnabruck to be among the list of the passenger car models. In the late 1999 the current Cabriolet was released having a front and rear facelift with an instrument cluster that was based on the Volkswagen Golf Mk3. An upgrade can be done to the Cabrio Volkswagen after you install the Cabrio performance chip in your VW, the performance chip purpose is to add horsepower and torque that replaces the slow throttle response you car has. The Cabrio performance chip is the best upgrade you can get for your car because above everything your car will be able to cover miles and miles without stopping because of an engine breakdown or its out of fuel, the chip doesn’t affect the engine instead it enables your Cabrio to consume less fuel.