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A Mitsubishi Galant performance chip is the ultimate performance chip that best works for your car of choice. This chip is able to improve torque and horsepower (by up to 50 plus) as well as MPG (by 3-6 times). A Mitsubishi Galant ECU chip is designed to be up to 60 times faster. The chips are manufactured with a warrant spanning the entire period of usage. Its smoothness when shifted, coupled with smoothened IDLE, makes the chip to have the finest tuning. The fine tuning has an advantage of increasing the lifespan of the engine, little oil and gas differences noticed and a decrease in the engine shocks. The throttle feedback duration is much faster. Another noticeable benefit of the Mitsubishi Galant ECU chip is that it enables the car to undergo SMOG and emissions tests. The guidelines to follow when fixing these gadgets are easy to understand. This makes them easy to install.