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Kicking out the boredom which comes as result of failing car power can be a nuisance at times especially when you are still in the dark. The new Mercury Mariner performance chips have what it takes to rekindle the lost glory of your car. It gives your engine the resilience to withstand the storm on the road by energizing it to behave as new again. This leads to extra horsepower being gained as well as torque making your Mariner perform startlingly and effectively when it meets tough assignments. Your Mariner will skid like no other hence covering great distances on very little fuel. The Mariner ECU chips also correspond well with initial setup in the car by simply adjusting the software to accommodate the great power influence from the engine. The one year usage warranty is enough to prove the quality of these products on performance. They are customized to enable you install them with ease by seeking help from instruction guide offered on every purchase.