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Voltage Performance Chip Battery Module Raizin

31 reviews Write a Review
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Voltage Performance Chip Battery Module Raizin
Voltage Performance Chip Battery Module Raizin
Voltage Performance Chip Battery Module Raizin
Voltage Performance Chip Battery Module Raizin
Voltage Performance Chip Battery Module Raizin
Voltage Performance Chip Battery Module Raizin
Voltage Performance Chip Battery Module Raizin
Voltage Performance Chip Battery Module Raizin
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Voltage Performance Chip Battery Module Raizin
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✔ Compatible addition with all other modifications including performance tunes
✔ Connects to your Battery


Introducing the Raizin performance voltage stabilizer. State of the art electronic voltage regulation technology! Increase your vehicles overall performance with less than 20 minutes. Comes complete with 3 piece ground wires plus the 2 attached to the chip. Ground your vehicle properly and improve its electrical system to the chassis. Includes all installation hardware and manual, made in Japan.

    • Helps Increases torque at low and middle speeds
    • Stabilizes idling 
    • Helps Improve engine response
    • Increases headlight brightness and dimming
    • Helps Improve fuel economy
    • Improves battery life
    • Improves bass sound with less dimming on bass notes

Voltage stabilizer in combination with supplementary earth improves electrical efficiency.

Raizin brings you not only ideal electrical efficiency and voltage supply stabilization, but with our original circuitry design and our special noise reduction condenser you can enjoy diminished noise and lessened high-frequency impedance.
  • Save Up To 5% On Fuel!
  • Increase Horsepower Up To 7% more hp!
  • Easy to install - Takes Less Than 20 Minutes!
  • Fits All Makes And Models Of Cars And Trucks!
  • Works On Carburetor And Fuel Injected Engines!
  • For Gasoline And Diesel Engines!





How hard is it to install?

Very easy! We even include a video showing you the installation on a Toyota. Please scroll down.

Why don't manufactures install similar products on their from factory?

Our product has many years of engineering and research involved. Auto manufactures do not include this type of modules with vehicles because it increases vehicle cost. At even $40 extra cost to the manufacture, this could mean millions in a production cost a year.

What are the extra wires for?

These are ground wires provided to be installed on various places in our engine bay, to increase the ground contact to your chassis. Many vehicles older than 5 years can start developing rust and corrosion on the wires connecting the alternator to the chassis. Included are 5 wires which can be used to make more contact points. More ground contact points, means smoother power delivery.

How does module compare with other performance chips?

This product improves overall vehicles performance by tackling a different area. It works at the source of what many problems lie in vehicles. Your whole vehicle is an electronic device, from stereo, to spark plugs to headlights. By providing the best voltage to these devices, they can operate to their maximum potential. 




Your kit comes complete with instructions. Connection to battery is required, some battery's maybe in the trunk. Please watch below video which demonstrates connection.


Product Reviews

31 reviews Write a Review
  • 4


    Posted by Tony Pack on Jun 14th 2023

    Seems to help but the wires could be a little longer

  • 5

    Works well

    Posted by Spencer DePriest on Apr 30th 2023

    Part works well, has slightly reduced light surges and light dimming. Definitely a low cost part imo to help reduce voltage issues.

  • 3

    the product was alright

    Posted by trevor causey on Mar 13th 2023

    i’ve noticed that after installing this in my car i’m reaching higher rpms faster and i feel as the car is slightly faster there is definitely more torq and the audio and bass is better but my mpg and range is messed up i’m flying through gas and my mpg went from 31.7 to 19 and my total miles on the car and the amount of miles left on my range is getting drained any ideas on what happened

  • 4


    Posted by Tony peoples on Nov 9th 2022

    Works great.

  • 5

    PIVOT Voltage Performance Chip Battery Module Raizin

    Posted by Chris on Oct 10th 2022

    I have only used it about a week, but so far it appears that it is doing what it's supposed to, I tried 3 of the variations listed in the instructions, (different areas that you can connect the Raizin to on the engine) and did notice a slight change In type of performance . So far no complaints, but until it's tested thru a third party and I get a Dyno test comparison of my car, it's just my opinion. Then again it's a straightforward concept so I don't forsee any issues, good mid range construction quality, it does also add a cool look to your engine bay, and having a digital display of the voltage is helpful , it's affordable, quick and easy installation, and I received it faster than I expected.

  • 5

    Voltage performance module

    Posted by Mike on Jul 17th 2022

    This is also the sons time I have used this, not really sure how much gas mileage this helps with but everything in my 16 Veloster works better, light brighter my stereo system sounds louder and hits harder. Recommend for any vehicle just as a solid electrical system need .

  • 4

    recommend this project

    Posted by Joe on May 4th 2022

    Great product and what a difference after hooking it in to the battery I would highly recommend

  • 5


    Posted by Daniel Lewis on Aug 25th 2021

    Did not receive my product. Can someone please please contact me and help?

  • 5

    Voltage battery module

    Posted by Kristoff on May 25th 2021

    This totally helped cut noise in the cab and it deepened the bass. It also has the truck starting up quicker.

  • 4

    Nice product!

    Posted by Ryan Francisco on Dec 16th 2020

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