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Ferrari 328 is a sporty car with two seats. It is manufactured by the Ferrari Company. Its ignition system is special since its maintenance can be performed without lifting to the ground service. It uses a four valve per cylinder level and 3.2 litre V8. The front and rear suspension are designed to be free from each other. Its transmission speed is five manual. It is fitted with a front grille which allows the amount of air into the engine. Its performance chips are power and thus they improve the performance of the ignition system. The performance chips like the spark plug and the voltage chips enhance the delivering of current from different parts of the engine to other parts thus enhancing the performance to be great. The speed, the velocity and air intake upgrade are some of the performances conducted by the performance chips. The super charger, the super speed and the torque are performed by the computer chip and the ECU chip of the Ferrari 328. The performance chips they also control the saving of the fuel and tuning of the car engine. Welcome to our store and purchase the quality and high performing chips. We have our online store which deals with the selling of aftermarket performance chips. Our performance chips can be well installed in the Ferrari 328 without any problem. We have tagged our performance chips with cheap prices which are affordable to all our customers. We are offering installation guidance and quick home delivery.