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Infinite Q45 is one of a kind vehicle. It is meant and designed to give maximum speed. The car is also equipped with the best child safety locks. You do not have to bother about the safety of your children no matter how first you drive. Besides this, there are also the curtain and side airbags all meant to boost the safety of the passengers. Most of the Infiniti models including the Q45 have alloy wheels. This is important for the aesthetic appearance of the car. The presence of the tire pressure sensors is meant to alert the driver when the pressure is low or too high. The right performance chips for the Infiniti Q45 translate into the type of performance you are going to get from the engine of the car. This car needs a reliable engine to perform effectively. With our performance chips, you will be in a position to manage the look up table and adjust the parameters accordingly. When a car is fitted with performance chips, it becomes easy to take control of the fuel economy, the emissions and the constraints. The most worrisome aspect is where to find the right performance chips for the Infiniti Q45. Our Performance chips are essential because they form a perfect communication between the computer of the car and other parts of the engine. It becomes easy to know how and what time you are supposed to shifty the gear from a low to a high level. This is more of the case when it comes to automatic car. If you are having models of Infiniti equipped with a turbo charger, you will be able to know how much turbo boost is needed.