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Never mind where the Audi A8 model disappeared to; it was replaced by a more and luxurious German automaker built car, the Audi a8 ,in 1994 it appeared on the market for the first time .since then its supremacy have never been challenged. In 1997 it was available in North America. Basically Audi a8 is an automatic transmitted four wheel drive which has undergone two generations where by in both long wheelbase and short forms have been built on the Volkswagen successions .Audi a8 model was used to reduce weight without tampering with the body, it was recorded as the first car to be built in an aluminum platform, its transformation includes the addition of interior air bags which are mounted up to six. This made the Audi a8 to be the most equipped car. In 1997 Germany (Geneva motor show) modified a8 to a two door a8 coupe, a re engineered alloy body was found in the coupe, a custom leather seats was included .only one a8 coupe was built which was painted Ming blue pearl and the color was a symbol of the IVM automotive. To increase its performance as one of the best chips the second generation a volks swagen group d3 was built in 2003, it was longer and provided room for four to five people .