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BMW 5 Series got its name after being released as the fifth one of the BMW release it was then followed by the 700, then the new six Bavaria and the known CS. This Bimmers were supposed to replace the six sedans before the 700 were out. The body was designed by Marcello Gandini in the year 1970 there is about 5 generation of the BMW 5 Series to date. BMW was named according to the 3 digit number the starting being the model followed by the size of the engine deciliters then lastly the fuel type. This car is a known as a luxurious cruiser but it will be more recognized when they install the 5 series chip hence you will end up driving with a gain of horsepower and a higher speed. The 5 series chip helps you as the BMW driver to stretch your bimmers legs so that you able to really what cruising is all about with the autobahn, to take your cars power and the engine to the brim of success the use of the 5 series is important and needed in your car. For best fuel mileage the 5 series performance chip is going to be the best option.