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A tornado performance chip is capable of taking your car’s engine to an overdrive. These modifiers are known to be among the simplest of improvements you can ever take your vehicle through. The Tornado ECU chips are easy to install and can fit into any vehicle’s engine. Once fixed into the system, it adjusts instantly to your vehicles system. You may also alter the dial to make it suit your taste. These performance chips posses the greatest of horsepower and torque (an increase of up to 50 times). Its fuel consumption is also very efficient. These chips are further designed to function in all climatic conditions whatever the size of the engine and upgrade. Its ability to turn is precise as a result of more flexibility. This in turn prolongs the engine life and reduces engine shocks or stress. The chip is also able to increase the MPG gains a good level. This leads to a noticeable increase in miles covered by any one gallon.