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This sleek sports car is just delightful. It has all the features of a racing machine that will increase your heartbeat the moment you see it. Even if you are not a professional race driver you will be tempted to experiment with it. It oozes confidence and will turn you into its bona fide friend. The one item that will cure you of your fixation with speed would most definitely be the slamming Porsche 944 ECU performance chips. These babies are the real deal. The Porsche 944 engine chips are hugely respected because of their inherent ability to add that extra zing to your ride. You will get preeminent horsepower that will leave mouths hanging unattractively open. Your torque will be increased and rightly so because your car deserves it. The Porsche 944 power chips assure you of a superior throttle response upon installing thereby controlling your car will be easier.