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Daewoo vehicle was manufactured in 1967, March, 22. Basically, it was the second largest vehicles in Korea. To get your car moving at higher speed, then you are needed to install it with Daewoo performance chips they have higher speed that can be added on your vehicle. With such, you will be able to drive smoothly especially in long distance journey. Daewoo performance chips which are currently in the market improves your vehicles engine ,with a control knob in your interior vehicle which has gas mileage that improves your fuel consumption you don’t have to visit the petrol station now and then, it makes you preserve the fuel. Daewoo ECU chip is easy to install in your vehicle in that you can only use fifteen minutes to install your vehicle chip using a pliers. ECU computer and torque increases the power of your vehicle and you can be able to drive smoothly and in faster rate.