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The Mini is a small car manufactured by the British Motor Corporation. Since 1969, it has been viewed as an icon of motoring. The Mini Cooper Countryman was formally launched in 2010 as a crossover SUV. Many car lovers will feel greatly attracted by the Mini Cooper Countryman. If you are one of those who have bought this wonderful car, then you will find our Mini Countryman performance chips to be another wonderful accessory to your mini. Our performance chips will breathe new life into your mini. We have a wide variety of Mini Cooper Countryman performance chips which will re-energize your Mini into a superior machine. By connecting our performance chips to your Mini’s ECU, you will transform your car for best performance and fuel economy. Our performance chips will improve your Mini’s stability and automatic transmission. You will get more torque and horsepower making you move at safe super speeds. Your car will be transformed into a fuel saver. Functions like fuel injection and spark timing will be greatly improved with our Mini Cooper performance chips. This means you will get more efficiency with your mini. You will in fact get up to 7 mile per gallon more in fuel efficiency. Our performance chips will also allow for air intake upgrade on your Mini. This will result in better air-fuel ratio (AFR). Your engine will not heat up and will run smoother and cooler. If you want to have a superior use of your Mini Cooper Countryman, then our performance chips will really take you to the next level of driving.