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Chrysler 300M is a great full size luxurious car with four opening door. It is manufactured by the DaimlerChrysler. It is fitted with a four wheel drive and front ignition system which makes the car more powerful with impressive speed. Its transmission speed is four 42LE automatic. It has a well fitted grille which enhances the amount of fresh air into the engine. Its good and well-furnished interior makes it very comfortable and calm inside. Its wheels are fitted well enhancing the stability and grip of the car on the road. The only way to improve the performance of your car engine is by installing the performance chips. The performance chips they upgrade the speed of your car and they economize the saving of the fuel usage. Purchase from our online store and you will like the design of our performance chips for your car model. Chrysler 300M is very powerful if it is installed with the performance chips. The computer and ECU they are sensor devices which control and monitor the operation of the car engine. The voltage and spark plug chips they operate the flow of electric current from the engine to the combustion chamber. The current purifies the air intake and the fuel in the chamber. You can improve speed of the car and economize usage of the fuel by installing the required performance chips like exhaust, the supercharger and even the tuning chips from our stores. We have the best aftermarket chips in our store. They are sold with low and cheaper prices. We offer home delivery and installation guidance.