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The Oldsmobile Cutlass without contradiction, being a body-on-frame intermediate car, is superb; the Oldsmobile Cutlass performance chip will make the other competitors yelp with jealousy. The ECU chip in the Cutlass will maintain the most efficient fuel saving exercise. The ECU computer on the other hand will introduce calmness of the engine and the car will cruise on the roads as swiftly and calmly as a plane on air. The Oldsmobile Cutlass chip apart from gaining the much needed horsepower will also develop the torque so much that the acceleration of the popular nameplate car will be on an all time high. With the Cutlass performance chip it is no wonder that the cutlass is a by word of all Oldsmobile. And this was solely because of the massive stamina introduced by the Oldsmobile Cutlass chip. If you have a craving for engine stamina, get an Oldsmobile Cutlass ECU chip.