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The Acura TSX is a luxury car model from Honda that is known for its engine as well as its award winning wheels. The best ways to make these beautiful wheels go faster and to improve the power of this vehicle is by adding Acura TSX performance chips. These ECU chips help to considerably improve the performance of your vehicle while improving the horsepower and torque of the automobile. This it does by injecting more fuel into the engine, thus helping the ECU computer to better manage the engine of the vehicle and to keep it running. The increase in speed to your car is significant, but even more significant is the amount of fuel and consequently the amount of fuel money that you will be able to save by using these chips. This is because the chips increase the overall fuel mileage of your vehicle, therefore making it more fuel efficient. The feeling that you will have while driving this car with the chips installed is however priceless. The best part of it is that, this chip requires very little of your time and only a pair of pliers to install.