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The Subaru performance chip uses the most current electronic technology in the upgrade field. It is able to help you tune the performance of your vehicle to your expected limit. This chip provides for the greatest flexibility as well as precise tuning ability. The chip is adjustable and can do in all climatic conditions and for engines with different sizes and modifications. Every chip is supplied with simplified installation instructions. The gains that come with the inclusion of this chip into your car’s system include increased MPG gains (between 3 and 6), torque and horsepower of a bout 50 times. This chip works best with any computer in your car’s system. The chip can direct the computer on what amounts of air and gas that should be distributed for utilization. During its fixing, there are no special machines, alterations or soldering that is involved. The illustrations are all you need to carry out the installation process. Once installed, it will adjust to the system instantly.