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The Fleetwood Storm offers an affordable package for an RV adventure that promises to be memorable. The Storm is equipped with a 6 gallon propane water heater, a central monitor panel, deluxe roller fitted extendable drawers, a complete PEX plumbing system, hardwood raised panel cabinet doors, Ozite lined ceilings and shelves as well as quality furniture form Flexsteel. Options available for the storm include a 19” LCD TV in the bedroom, bunk beds, hide aloft queen bed and a satellite radio. The Fleet wood is simply modest and practical. The Storm will not fail to deliver in terms of the enjoyment of the ride. In addition to its fuel economy, the Storm is a vehicle that would greatly benefit from the inclusion of an ECU among its features. The Engine Control Unit would ensure optimum performance of the Storm in different terrains and weather conditions. For instance in chilly weather, the ECU would ensure that a fuel rich fuel –air mix is fed to the engine for the first few minutes. This would allow the engine to warm up guarantying optimum combustion of fuel. The ECU is able to monitor air intake and fuel flow via sensors installed in the carburetor and fuel line. The parameters it uses need to be set by a licensed professional who knows the intricacies of the ECU. We at have a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who will be able to cater for all you ECU needs. Our products are of the highest quality but fairly priced. Our prices are the best because of affordability.