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Alfa Romeo 145 was introduced in 1994 to substitute an ageing 33 model so that it could effectively compete in the mid-size hatchback automobile market. The car was initially designed as a performance improvement for the former Sprint. The Alfa Romeo 145 performance chips inserts a sense of effectiveness in the velocity making the 145 go faster from the lights, therefore getting you up to speed on the road. The Alfa Romeo 145 model can be diesel tuned in order to significantly increase its horsepower while reducing the consumption of fuel. This can be done using a Diesel Tuning Kit that is installed and therefore one does not require remapping the ECU computer, which is a computer that manages the engine of the vehicle and keeps it running. The Diesel Tuning Kit also helps your vehicle to increase power as well as torque and MPG, while reducing the reducing the consumption of fuel therefore increasing the performance of your vehicle.