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Audi r8 is ranked as an exotic sports car by the world report, it is wonderful to own one since it is one of the super car built out of a masterpiece work. This proves it as a high performance chips, it grabs attention like no other because of its unmatched blend of comfort when handling and superb engine. it is very special mostly if you switch off the engine for it roars into life and more so it delivers impressive performance ,astonishing performance is determined by a redline of 8,250 rpm which is always accompanied by an addictive bellow. Audi r8 go for a long distance without any problem ,the gas pump always use computer ships for better performance this leads to better fuel economy than the previous cars .its engine is technologically updated ,its installation take a few minutes and lasts longer. Audi r8 chips have been reviewed basing on users opinions together with its previous merits and demerits, with all these combination this chip has stand out to be amongst the high performing chips, it is also docile enough to be driven everyday. Currently there are two types of Audi r8 i.e. Audi r8 Quattro and Audi r8 5.2v1o FSI Quattro,