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The Chevy Equinox performance chip is an innovator of these mid-size SUV as crossover. The high performance of this car is out of question as the ECU computer within it has set a new standard in the mastery of the car handling. The horsepower of the Chevy Equinox engine is increased when the power chip is installed; upwards of 50 HP. Not to mention the headlights and taillights, this, on the performance module capacity is easily and immediately rechargeable. The lighting of the Chevy Equinox is long lasting too. The ECU chip also develops the strength of the tire rims which allows the tires to perform to the highest level of the Chevy Equinox performance. Chevy Equinox performance chip has so far managed to modulate the torque which has in turn improved the combustion capacity and has strengthened the pistons on the engines. With Chevy Equinox chips, the engine cycle is smooth and swift.