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Land Rover Discovery is known for its mid-size SUV, and its off the road capabilities, it is a string energetic cars that was made for the purpose of the jungle discoveries with their difficult terrain grou8nds, it is also part of the Tata Motors productions, and their have been 3 generation of the same vehicles since the first being produced in 1989. You can help your Land Rover discover new power by installing the Discovery performance chip, which is the best upgrade you car can ever need, once you install the ECU chip in your car you will be able to cove a mileage without having an engine break down or looking for a gas station because the new performance chip will enable your Discovery to sip on your fuel instead of guzzling the fuel living your tank empty within a mile. These chips are easy to install you only need less time and pliers and you will be back on the road in no time.