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From Lake Orion, Michigan comes the Oldsmobile Aurora; a full-size sports, executive and luxury car all rolled into one. From the G-body platform the Oldsmobile Aurora performance module is set up so simply you will not even believe it. Getting a new Oldsmobile Aurora performance chip will be getting a new engine as the performance will be out of this world. Both the V-8 and the V-6 version are perked up to generate a torque that is unmatched and exceptional, if not exhilarating. Go to the shops and buy the Oldsmobile Aurora ECU chip and witness the success exhibited by the Aurora’s automatic transmission that is 4-speed armed with an excellent performance algorithm shifting. The shifting will be handled well with a new ECU computer. If your intention is to get the performance on the road that you have long searched then run for the Oldsmobile Aurora performance chip now.