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When driving trucks, perhaps one of the difficult things is keeping lane. Trucks are long making them different from the normal small vehicles. Negotiating corners and parking in tight places is also another challenge that truck drivers face. The Kenworth T300 is different because it gives the driver humble time when performing all these difficult tasks. This is because of the presence of powerful mirrors. There is also a driver drowsiness mirror that helps in keeping to the lane. Respective on the performance, it also gives a rating. The Kenworth T300 comes with an automatic transmission. It is clutch less making it easy for the driver hence minimizing drive fatigue. Lest you forget, the T300 comes with a navigation system that makes it easy when it comes to visual directions. The Kenworth is a truck controlled by a computer. This is where the performance chip comes in. The chip helps the driver to know when to adjust the timing of the truck. Getting the turbo boost and the air to fuel ratio becomes easy with our performance chips. We are the best sellers of these parts for all the Kenworth trucks including the T300 model. It is important to select only sites that deal with genuine performance chips. We have been rated the best because of our original and reliable performance chips. With our high quality performance chips for the Kenworth T300, you will be able to improve the gas mileage of the truck. Most importantly, our spare parts are cheap and affordable. We make it easy for Kenworth truck owners to maintain their cars.